The ‘Koyoti’ Way

“We aspire to be curious, fearless, open, collaborative, tenacious, and protective of our den.”

There’s a lot we can learn from Coyotes, be it from the animal or from its mythology. Coyotes are North America’s most successful wild animal and have been able to flourish and thrive, even in areas where larger animals have failed, because they are so resourceful and because they have an incredible ability to persist and adapt. In observing coyotes, we learn not to be afraid of obstacles and new challenges, and that sometimes there are opportunities to be had in overcoming them.

Coyotes have also been known to be extremely persistent, with successful attacks lasting as long as 21 hours. They teach us that it’s also not always beneficial to work alone; that by working together, we can often overcome even larger challenges; that we can do so, if we communicate. These amazing animals even recognize that it is necessary to adjust their hunting techniques in accordance with their prey. From this, we also learn that we need to modify our approach to each and every situation to best meet the challenge.

Always Be Better

Koyoti is committed to doing our very best in everything we do. Striving to provide our customers with innovative and design driven products. To always look for ways to get even better quality products for our customers at reasonable prices. It is a mantra we follow through with when it comes to our customers too. Striving to serve our customer’s better with respect, friendliness, and professionalism. To recognize and be responsive to our customers unique needs.

Protect the Home

To take care of our pack. Our team. Our life source. We are committed to providing a work environment to help each member of the pack to succeed and grow in a happy, healthy, and rewarding environment.